Essère’s Local Bucket List

Located at just a 12-minute walk from Florence’s famous Duomo, Essère Atelier sits on the quieter side of the city, providing a small escape from the constant flocks of tourists. In this area, it is far more common to see local Italians walking the streets, and while it is still nearly impossible to fit more than one person per sidewalk, the giant groups of people seem to diminish greatly. Don’t just stick to the main tourist spots, or shop at American chains like Zara and H&M, branch out and head over to Via De’ Pandolfi 7 where Essère is located and shop handmade, authentic, and one of a kind Italian garments. While shopping over here, we at Essére are giving some of our top picks for restaurants, cafes, bars, attractions, and of course gelato shops that will keep you coming back. Any shopper knows it takes a long day of hard work to find the perfect outfit or garments you’re currently on the hunt for. This can work up quite an appetite, so after you’re done shopping at Essère try out Dragonfly Restaurant and Bar just a few minutes down the road from the shop. They offer delicious pizzas and salads and even serve craft beers and cocktails, the cocktails going down in price during happy hour. You can also get take away cocktails and pizzas if you’re on the move and don’t feel like having a sit-down meal.
John Borno Coffee Shop sits in the same plaza as Dragonfly and is an amazing place to stop and get a cup of coffee. They serve cappuccinos, expressos and flavored iced coffees that you can even get in to-go cups. There is also a delicious assortment of pastries to snack on at any time of the day like muffins, cannolis, croissants, and tiramisu. The workers are friendly and inviting and speak English if you’re not an Italian native or don’t speak the language. If you’re looking to explore the nightlife in this part of the city bamboo nightclub is a great option to try. They open at 7:00 P.M. and have a V.I.P. room with bottle service and a lounge area if you get tired from dancing all night. They are right down the street from Essère, so make sure to stop into the store earlier in the day and do a little shopping. Last, but absolutely not least if you’re craving some gelato, which let’s be honest is probably most of the time, try these gelato shops not more than a 5-minute walk from Essère. The first is Chocolate, which is sandwiched right in between John Borno and Dragonfly. The creamy goodness of their gelato is offered in a wide array of flavors from traditional chocolate and salted caramel to fruity ones like mango and melon. The second place is Riverano, where you can get great gelato, and mix up the flavors as well, getting multiple scoops on one cone. Their gelato lab has created more than 100 flavors so there is bound to be one you like, and they also offer food such as waffles with scoops of gelato on top. Essère is a fashion store not to be missed in Florence, but neither is this part of the city, where you can easily spend a day shopping and exploring a less tourist inhabited area.

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