Sustainability Spotlight

As sustainability continues to be a hot topic for the fashion industry and the world, Essére Atelier is doing its part. Over the course of the year, Ilaria, the boutiques owner and designer, compiles fabric scraps and stores them away as she creates her garments. When she feels she has enough scraps to work with, she then turns them into childrens wear, scarves, headbands, and if she has enough; full sized trousers or blouses. 

The boutique throws out very little fabric as there is very little synthetic fabric used. Most of it is cotton, silk, wool, etc. so it is important to not waste anything. The fabric is always sourced from Italy. The silk is from northern Italy around Lake Como and the rest from Florence. She typically looks for fun prints and colors to use for her pieces; making the boutiques clothing look even more one of a kind. 

Be sure to swing by the store and do your part for the environment by shopping at Essére!  

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