Knit to Relax

As the lockdown continues, I’m sure many of you are looking for new forms of entertainment. You have probably run out of Netflix shows by now and have gotten bored with baking or your at-home workouts. If you want to take up a new hobby, Esserè Atelier suggests knitting! Self care is key right now and studies show knitting could reduce depression and anxiety and increase overall sense of wellbeing. Esserè has a crochet dress and skirt in the works but for something more basic, try a scarf or something out of the book “Knit Square.” This book will walk you through how to put together a jacket and many other items so you can come out of this lockdown a master knitter and impress your family and friends. Find it on Amazon for only eight euros. Esserè Atelier hopes everyone is staying safe at this time, taking care of each other, and washing their hands! Comment below what you have been up to in your homes over the past weeks.

Warning, don’t attempt this sweater unless you’re a master knitter! This item was handmade by Esserè Atelier using a cable stitch and materials sourced from Italy.

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